Certification Text
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Certification Text

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When displaying the certification requirements to learners, you may display explanatory text.

Adding Text to a Certification

To add text to the certification:

  1. Be sure that the certification has been added
  2. From the Add/Edit Requirements section of the Add/Edit Certification workscreen, expand the Select a Requirement list.
  3. Click Text.

A New Text accordion displays.

  1. Expand the New Text accordion. 

  1. Specify the settings for the text.



Visible to Learners

Specify whether the text should be visible to learners.

  • Yes - The text is visible to learners.
  • No - The text is not visible to learners.


Enter the text you would like displayed.

  1. Click Save.

Removing Text

To remove text from the certification:

  1. In the Add/Edit Requirements section of the workscreen, expand the text accordion.
  2. Click Remove Text.

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