Creating a Custom Certificate: Adding Fields to the PDF
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Creating a Custom Certificate: Adding Fields to the PDF

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Please contact our Success Desk if you would like help creating a custom certificate.

In this step of creating a custom completion certificate, you'll add fields to the PDF. 

When adding fields for learner or course names, you may want to adjust the field width and/or font size to accommodate lengthy names.

To add fields to the document from Adobe Acrobat Pro DC:

  1. From the Prepare Form toolbar, click Icon  Description automatically generated.

  1. Choose a position for the field then click to place it.
  2. Position and resize the text field as needed.
  3. Double-click the field. The Text Field Properties window displays.
  4. Specify the text field's properties
  5. Close the Text Field Properties window.
  6. Repeat steps 1-6 for each field you would like to add to the certificate.
  7. Select File > Save.

NEXT STEP: Upload the custom certificate to your online, SCORM, or instructor-led course, or your certification.

Text Field Properties



Enter the variable name that you would like to display in the field. For a list of available variables, refer to Course Certificate Variables and Certification Certificate Variables.

  • The certificate must contain at least one variable.
  • You may also assign a variable to a field by right-clicking on the field and selecting Rename Field.


Ensure the Read-Only checkbox is checked.


Specify the font, font size, and text color.


Specify the position and size of the field.


Specify the text alignment. If the field will contain multiple lines of text, select the Multi-line checkbox.

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