Release Notes: 2020 February 29 (Kernza)
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Release Notes: 2020 February 29 (Kernza)

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Azure Active Directory B2C Integration

We've added support for Azure Active Directory. This new option is now available when you set up external authorization for your account. 

Control Automated Enrollment Emails

We've provided the ability for you to control whether the Course Enrollment and/or Confirm Attendance emails are sent to learners when they're automatically enrolled in a course for a group, subscription, or learning plan. Settings to control whether these emails are sent have been added to the following workscreens:

Video Processing Complete Email

We've added a new Video Processing Complete email template. This email will be sent to the person who uploaded a video to the Content Delivery Network after the video has been processed. 

The information and link included in the email will depend on whether the video was uploaded to an online course, knowledge base, or dashboard set.

Video Uploaded ToInformation IncludedLinks To

Online course

  • Course
  • Chapter
  • Task 
  • Video's filename

Video task in the Course Builder Dashboard

Knowledge base file

  • Knowledge base
  • Parent folder 
  • Knowledge base file
  • Video's filename

Knowledge base file in the Knowledge Base Dashboard

Dashboard set

  • Dashboard set
  • Category
  • Page
  • Video's filename

Add/Edit Category Page workscreen in the Learner Dashboard Builder

WYSIWYG Editor for Learning Plan, Certification, and Requirement Descriptions

We've updated the Description settings for learning plans, certifications, requirements, and actions to allow for text formatting using the WYSIWYG editor.

System-Wide Updates


Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue that caused certain emails to be sent to inactive users.

Learner Interface

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue that prevented Timeline pages from displaying instructor-led course sessions that were attended but not completed, or not attended.

Account Administration


No SPF record found.



Course Administration


Bug Fixes

  • We changed the validation that occurs for graded instructor-led sessions. Starting with the Kernza release, you no longer have to specify a grade when the Completed checkbox is checked, or check the Completed checkbox if a grade is specified. As a result of this change, the message below displays when you finalize a session that has a learner who didn't complete the course:

 There is n learner(s) that will fail this session. 

Learning Plans


  • We've started making performance improvements to the learning plans functionality.

Report Administration


  • We're making a number of performance enhancements to SmarterU's reports.

Bug Fixes

  • Prior to this release, learners who attended a course but didn't complete or pass it were not included in the Training Cost Report. To support the change that we made for validating graded sessions, we've updated the Training Cost Report so that it only includes learners who attended a course in its calculation, regardless of whether they completed or passed the course.

User Administration


  • We've added an Edit Enrollment account permissionthat enables users to:
    • Edit a user's enrollment from the Enrollment Report. This includes forcing a SCORM course to completion, changing the due date, overriding prerequisites, and changing the enrollment group.
    • View the SCORM Results Drilldown. 
    • View the Enrollment Audit Log.

Prior to this release, only administrators could edit enrollments. 

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue that caused the Users Dashboard to incorrectly display "0" for all the enrollment and certification counts for users that only have supervisor reporting.
  •  We added safeguards to ensure that emails aren't sent to inactive users. The exception to this is if their email address was manually added to the recipient list.
  • We fixed an issue that caused the Weekly Summary Report email to be sent to supervisors who had their Send Weekly Progress Summary setting disabled.

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