System Email Templates
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System Email Templates

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SmarterU generates a number of different emails when certain processes are completed, or when certain conditions are met. 

SmarterU generates email content based on the user's language. If your users access SmarterU through a portal, the links in the email will go to a portal that matches the user's language whenever possible. For example, if a user receives an email in German, SmarterU will try to find a German portal for any links in the email.

To copy or preview the system email templates, use the Email Management Dashboard

Alphabetical List of Email Templates

Email Templates by Category

Account Emails

Action Emails

Certification Emails

Course Emails - General

Course Emails - Instructor-Led Training

Course Emails - Online and SCORM

Enrollment Emails

Learning Plan Emails

Report Emails

User Emails

Video Emails

Weekly Emails

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