Account: Custom Organization Fields
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Account: Custom Organization Fields

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SmarterU enables you to add up to 15 custom organization fields for capturing data about an organization. Custom organization fields that you add are global for the entire account and will display in the Custom Fields accordion of the Organization Profile workscreen.

When you edit your account's settings, the Custom Organization Fields accordion of the Account Profile workscreen displays the fields that have been added to your account.

Adding a Custom Organization Field

To add a custom organization field:

  1. Edit your account settings.
  2. Expand the Custom Organization Field accordion.
  3. Click Custom Field. 

Settings for the new custom organization field display.

  1. Specify the custom organization field settings.
  2. Repeat steps 3-4 for each custom organization field you would like to add.
  3. On the Account Profile workscreen, click Save.



The name of the custom organization field.

Data Type

Select the type of data that the custom organization field will contain.

The field's data type may not be changed if data has been entered for the field. 


Select to encrypt the value of the custom organization field in the database. 

If you choose to encrypt the value, you will not be able to sort or filter the custom organization field's values.

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