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In order to use this feature, be sure to enable API access for your account.

This API allows for performing operations within a SmarterU account from an external system beyond SmarterU. Each request to the SmarterU API requires an Account API Key and a User API Key to authenticate the request.  

The operations available to users through the API are based upon their permission levels in the account. This is to ensure that the API can only perform the functions allowed by the corresponding user’s permissions. For example, if the user cannot perform a function within the SmarterU interface, the API function using that user’s account cannot perform it either.

Making an API Call

The SmarterU API processes requests synchronously. After placing an API call, you must wait until a response has been received before placing the next one. 

To make an API call:

  1. Create your API call XML package. Refer to each method's page for details on its available parameters.
  2. Post the call XML to https://api.smarteru.com/apiv2/ as a form field named Package.
  3. Get the API response XML package from the response body. Refer to each method's page for details on its response XML package. 
  4. Process the response. 

Diagram - API Overview 20220615(1)

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