API Response XML Package
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API Response XML Package

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After an API call has been completed, a response will be sent back in the same format regardless of the method being called. Below is an example of this response.



The Result tag indicates whether the API method call was successful and returns one of the following:

  • Success - All operations successfully completed.
  • Failed - All operations failed, or a processing error occurred.


The Info tag contains information about the method being completed. The contents of this tag is specific to each API method.


The Errors tag contains information for errors that occurred during the API call. The tag contains the following.

ErrorIDThe error code.
ErrorMessageThe error's description. 

Below are the general error codes when sending a package to the SmarterU API.

Error CodeMessage
SU:01No POST data detected.
SU:02Package parameter not found.
SU:03Package data is not properly formatted XML.
SU:04SmarterU root tag not found in Package data.
SU:05AccountAPI tag not found in Package data.
SU:06UserAPI tag not found in Package data.
SU:07Method tag not found in Package data.
SU:08Parameters tag not found in Package data.
SU:09Parameters tag contains no information.
SU:10User and Account API keys are invalid.
SU:11Requested method does not exist.
SU:12Incorrect/Missing Structure/Parameters.
SU:13Element %TAG_Name% was found where it should not exist.
SU:9999Unknown method call failure.

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