Course Types
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Course Types

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Comparison of Course Types






  • Allows for multi-person editing 
  • No external software required
  • Quick and simple
  • Easy to edit content
  • Ability to include narration
  • More advanced design features
  • Ability to include animation, custom games, interactive avatars, and simulations
  • Allows learners to ask questions in real-time
  • Adds the human quality (if face-to-face instruction)
  • Can include hands-on demonstrations and practice
  • Promotes teamwork and bonding
  • Allows for group discussion

How It Works

You use SmarterU's built-in course editor to add and edit content

You import courses created using third-party software into SmarterU

You use SmarterU to manage session details, and learner attendance and grades

When To Use

When you need to create online training quickly and easily without any external software

When you need to create highly interactive training

When delivering live training either in-person or via a webinar

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