Adding an Activity Log Entry for a User
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Adding an Activity Log Entry for a User

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To add an entry to the user's activity log:

  1. From the Admin menu, select User Admin.
  2. Select Users. The Users Dashboard displays.
  3. From the right pane of the Users Dashboard, click the name of the user.
  4. Expand the Activity Log accordion of the User Profile workscreen.
  5. Click Activity.

Add Activity

A form displays in the Activity Log accordion. The date and time are automatically populated with the current date and time.

Add Activity Log

  1. In the Created By field, enter the name of the person who is adding the entry.

The person added in the Created By field does not have to be a SmarterU user.

  1. In the Notes field, enter the comments you would like to add for the user.
  2. Click Save.

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