Creating Question Pools for Quizzes
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Creating Question Pools for Quizzes

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Question pools make it possible for you to define a set of questions from which SmarterU randomly selects when a learner takes a quiz. Because the quiz will contain random questions from the pool, it decreases the chance that each learner's quiz will have the exact same quiz questions.

To create and use question pooling:

  1. Add an online course.
  2. Add a quiz to your course. Although you should pay attention to all quiz settings, there are certain settings that will impact your question pooling:

Quiz Setting


Questions Per Quiz Attempt

The number of questions included in the quiz. This number should be less than the number of quiz questions that you have added.

Randomize the Question Order

If checked, SmarterU randomly orders the questions selected for the quiz. 

If you do not check the Randomize the Question Order checkbox, the first N questions will be used for the quiz, where N is the number specified in the Questions Per Quiz Attempt setting.
  1. Add questions to the quiz. If the question is a mandatory question for all learners, be sure to select the question's Required Question setting.
Be sure to add more questions than the number specified in the quiz's Questions Per Quiz Attempt setting.

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