Important Update: Changes to Email Address Fields in SmarterU LMS
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Important Update: Changes to Email Address Fields in SmarterU LMS

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On January 31, 2024, we will be making some changes to our custom domain settings in SmarterU LMS. 

Currently, we allow you to use a custom “from” email address when sending user- and system-generated emails from your SmarterU account.  

On January 31, we will replace this feature with an unbranded “from” address option. This change will allow you to send emails from a general, non-SmarterU branded address: You will also be able to customize what is displayed for the identity/name associated with that email address.


SmarterU will continue to use as the “no-reply” email address for user- and system-generated emails with the default settings selected. 

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Why are we making this change?

Google and Yahoo are leading an effort to reduce spam and phishing emails. As a result, emails sent require several layers of security and verified signatures. While Google and Yahoo are spearheading the enforcement of these long-standing email security practices, we expect many other companies to follow suit. 

The new security rules being implemented by these providers will require anyone using a custom “from” address to complete more advanced technical requirements (e.g., SPF, DKIM, DMARC) to verify that messages are sent from the proper source. Failing to meet these new requirements could result in issues with existing email configurations and emails being blocked.

Our upcoming updates will ensure that emails sent from your SmarterU LMS account will continue to be safely and reliably delivered to your users. 

Introducing our new “reply-to” feature

We are also adding a new “reply-to” feature that will allow you to specify where emails are sent when a user replies to a user- or system-generated email from SmarterU LMS.


You can enter any “reply-to” address and identity without the need to add an SPF record or DNS entry.

Do I have to make any changes?

If you currently use the default SmarterU settings for user- and system-generated emails, all mail will continue to be sent from without any disruption or change. You do not need to take any further action. 

If you are currently using a custom “from” email address, our Success Desk team will have reached out to you. 

Should you have any questions or concerns about this change, please contact our team at

Thank you for your continued trust in SmarterU.

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