Explore the Learner Experience with our LMS Walkthrough Videos
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Explore the Learner Experience with our LMS Walkthrough Videos

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How learners experience your LMS can have far-reaching effects on the success of your training program.  

A positive learner experience can complement your training, enhancing learning outcomes, completion rates, and overall satisfaction. It can motivate learners to interact with your content and, as a result,  increase engagement. When learners aren’t distracted by a complicated interface, they can focus on what’s important: learning and retention. 

On the other hand, a negative learner experience has the opposite effect. It frustrates learners, creates dissatisfaction, and discourages them from future engagement. Even if you make the best training content, a poor learner experience can overshadow it.

SmarterU LMS is proud to offer a modern, intuitive learner interface that allows learners to quickly find what they need — whether it is a course, article, file, or discussion. To illustrate everything learners can do in SmarterU and how easily they can do it, we have created a new video series focused on the learner journey. 

Ready to explore SmarterU’s learner experience? Watch our new series of videos today! 

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Accessing SmarterU LMS

Explore how SmarterU’s hassle-free log-in options help you provide learners with a great first impression of their training. Once in the system, learners can customize their learning experience through intuitive profile management, theme customization options, and accessibility settings.

Annual Compliance Training

Uncover the secrets to making annual compliance training an enriching experience. Learn how SmarterU’s intuitive interface uses color-coded indicators, to-do lists, and breadcrumbs to guide learners through their training. Further, precise due dates, convenient "Start" buttons, and an intuitive action upload process seamlessly integrate to ensure learners meet and stay current with their certification requirements. 

Taking Courses

See how easy it is for learners to find and access both assigned and elective training courses in SmarterU LMS. Whether viewing a custom page or course catalog, launching, pausing, continuing, and completing online courses is easy. Courses capture and hold learner’s attention by featuring a rich blend of media such as images, videos, PDFs, and interactive activities. Learners can also view and register in both classroom and webinar-based instructor-led sessions. Advanced features such as course feedback forms, waiting list functionality, and automatic notifications make taking training a breeze. 

Resource Library

Discover how learners can discover and explore your resource library in SmarterU. With just a few clicks, it’s easy to browse for, access, and even download supplemental resources — including articles and files — in a single place. With an intuitive search feature and hierarchical structure, learners have everything they need at their fingertips.

Gamification and Discussions

See how easy it is to use SmarterU to elevate learner engagement with gamification and interactive discussions. We show you how learners can earn points and appear on leaderboards as they participate in friendly competition with peers. Let your learners connect with instructors and other learners using course and forum discussions for a truly immersive, engaging, and social learning experience.

As you can see, SmarterU LMS provides an intuitive and seamless learner experience from start to finish. From logging in to accessing compliance training, courses, and supplemental resources, learners can do it all with ease. 

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