Launch Checklist
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Launch Checklist

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Article Summary

This checklist ensures that you complete all the necessary steps when launching SmarterU. This checklist, along with the SmarterU Implementation Guide and SmarterU Academy, are valuable resources for setting up your account.

Prepare for Your Implementation

  • Define your goals.
  • Understand the key objects.
  • Plan your groups.
  • Identify your users.
  • Plan your courses.
  • Identify your reporting needs.
  • Identify your account’s needs.
  • Plan knowledge base organization and content.
  • Identify learning plans.

Configure Your Account

  • Specify account settings.
  • Brand your account.
  • Add groups.
  • Plan learner dashboard sets.
  • Configure emails.

Build Your Content

  • Add users.
  • Add courses.
  • Add learning plans and its structures.

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