In-App Help
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In-App Help

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There are several ways to get in-app help while you're using the SmarterU admin interface.

You can access the in-app help by clicking the What's This link that's in the upper right corner of SmarterU.

Whats This Link 20231016

This displays a list of pages that are relevant to what you're viewing in SmarterU. 

In App Help 20231016

Click on any of the recommended pages to view the help page. You can click the In App Help - Open in New Tab 20231016 icon to display the content in a new browser tab.

In App Help - Users Dashboard 20231016

Clicking What's This on workscreens that have a single recommended page will display the page's contents. 

To search for other content in the Success Center, enter your search term in the search bar, then press the Enter key. If you need to contact our Success Desk, click the Contact Our Success Desk link.

In App Help - Search and Email 20231016

If you'd prefer to browse the contents of our Success Center, click the Knowledge Base tab.

In App Help - Browsing 20231016

Question Mark Icons

Some settings in the admin interface display a question mark icon beside them. You can click this icon to display the relevant help page in the Success Center. 

Question Mark Icon 20231016

Some workscreens in SmarterU include links that display relevant content in the Success Center. For example, when adding a user, the grid in the Group Permissions accordion displays links to articles on each group permission. 

In App Help - Links 20231016

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