Learner Interface: Changing Course Locations Displayed
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Learner Interface: Changing Course Locations Displayed

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The ability to filter courses by their location is only available if a page's Filter by Venue setting is enabled.

The icon enables you to specify which location's instructor-led courses you want to include on a course page. By default, course pages will display locations that have been checked for your user profile

If you're not seeing instructor-led courses or sessions on a course page, you may want to verify that the location is being included on the page. 

To select locations you want to include on the course page:

  1. Click the  icon. Locations that have been assigned to you display.
  2. To include a location, toggle the control to the right. To hide courses taking place at a location, toggle the control to the left. 

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In the example above, courses taking place at the Manufacturing Facility and Training Campus are included on the page. 

  • The location filter only applies to instructor-led courses. If online and SCORM courses are included on the page, this filter will display all online and SCORM filters. 
  • Any changes made to the locations included will affect all pages. 
  • Instructor-led courses that have a Session Details Type of URL or Other will always be displayed.

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