Release Notes: 2022 July 07
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Release Notes: 2022 July 07

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Article Summary

Launch of New Help Center

We are excited to announce that our SmarterU help system has moved from to (the site you're on now!). 

Our new help center features several exciting improvements to streamline your workflow, including: 

  • A new home page that provides quick and easy access to different sections of the help, including new and popular articles 

Home Page 20220706_calloutGREEN

  • Even more accurate search results that are easy to scan and highlight your search term(s)

Search Results Page 20220628

  • Article-specific table of contents that allow you to quickly jump to the information you need with a single click

  • Easier access to files associated with an article and available for download 

Attached Files - Importing Users 20220706_callout

  • Two display options — light and dark mode — for a more customized experience

LightDark 20220706

  • Icons at the top of each article that allow you to print, save, or share information with others on your team 

Article Buttons - Viewing Groups 20220628_callout

  • A responsive design that lets you find what you need on any device 

Mobile 20220628

  • Images that expand when clicked to make it easy to see every word and setting 

Expandable Images 20220628

  • New navigation options in the form of breadcrumbs at the top of each article and tags that let you see everything related to a single topic

Breadcrumbs and Tags 20220628_callout

  • API code blocks that allow you to copy an entire API call with a single click

Copy API Code 20220628_callout

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