Email Management Dashboard
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Email Management Dashboard

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The Email Management Dashboard enables you to view and manage email templates and snippets. It also enables you to view the email queue to see the emails that have been sent or are pending.

Email Management Dashboard

Who Has Access

Administrators and owners have access to the Email Management Dashboard.

Viewing the Email Management Dashboard

To view the Email Management Dashboard:

  1. From the Admin menu, select Account Admin.
  2. Select Email Management

Email Management Menu

By default, the Templates (by name) list option is selected. 

Templates by Name

The right pane of the Email Management Dashboard displays a grid containing all system email templates. There are also buttons for adding templates and snippets, and viewing the email queue.

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Columns in the Grid

The columns in the grid are described below. 



Email Type

The system email type. Click the name to view the system's default email template.


Indicates whether the system's default email template has been overridden by a custom email template.

If the system email template is in use for the email type, the column displays N/A. If a custom email template is the account default for the email type, the name of the custom email template displays. Click the email template name to view its details.

Total Templates

The total number of email templates for the type. Click the number to view the templates associated with the email type.

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