Creating a Custom Certificate
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Creating a Custom Certificate

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Please contact our Success Desk if you would like help creating a custom certificate.

You must create the custom certificate in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Adobe offers a free, seven day trial.

SmarterU enables you to customize the appearance of completion certificates. The PDF should be 8.5 x 11 inches and may contain text, graphics, and fields for the learner's name, course or certification name, provider name, and completion date. Upon completion of the course or certification, SmarterU will merge the information into the PDF to generate a completion certificate for the learner.

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There are three main steps to creating a custom certificate:

  1. Save the background as a JPG.
  2. Create a new PDF
  3. Add fields, course variables, or certification variables to the PDF.

Be sure to add at least one variable to your certificate. Certificates containing only images and text will not display.

  1. Upload the custom certificate to your online, SCORM, or instructor-led course, or your certification.

FIRST STEP: Save the background as a JPG.

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