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Need help developing content? Or maybe you’ve been using SmarterU for some time and want to sell your courses. Our team has several ways that we can help. Here are just a few of the services we offer.

LMS Implementation

Start your learning program on the right path with LMS implementation services. Our 12-week implementation process includes three key stages to help you customize your LMS  to meet your goals. 

  • Planning: Our in-house LMS Implementation Manager will take the time to understand your short and long-term eLearning goals, other tools and integrations in your training ecosystem, your stakeholders’ needs, and identify the LMS features required at launch time. 
  • Configuration: We’ll provide strategic guidance and coaching to your administrators as they build your SmarterU learning environment to make sure each feature is implemented in a way that best meets your goals. Your Implementation Manager will also manage any integrations with SmarterU and other software and provide guidance to ensure integrations are ready for launch.
  • Launch: To make sure you get the most out of your SmarterU subscription, we’ll help you launch and then guide you through any changes to your account. As part of this, we’ll first launch a pilot of your training program to a subset of users and make any modifications from pilot feedback. We will then guide you through your communication plan and the official launch of SmarterU to your organization. We’ll be there to help answer questions from stakeholders and learners, and guide you through understanding reporting and enrollments.

If you purchased the white-glove package, our Implementation Manager will help with the heavy lifting by performing the tasks necessary to configure your account and explain the reasoning for configuration decisions.

If you have on-site needs for your project or your administrators need training, our team can accommodate you. In addition to the 12 weeks of implementation and configuration, we can train and coach at your site for an added cost. 

Premium Dedicated Support

Whether it’s for a month, quarter, year, or ongoing basis, we can help ensure that your organization’s LMS is configured correctly, up-to-date, and easy to manage. Your dedicated Premium Dedicated Support partner can support your training initiatives, serve as a short or long-term replacement for a member of your team, analyze the effectiveness of your training, perform data entry, and so much more!

Continued Coaching

After you’ve completed your implementation, you may want personalized 1:1 coaching tailored to your needs.  Whether you're seeking guidance on setting up or restructuring your account, addressing a specific use case, or want to unleash the full potential of SmarterU, our coaching sessions have got you covered. Personalized coaching is a great way to expedite the onboarding process when you bring on new administrators. Let our experts be your trusted advisors and train your team to use SmarterU most effectively for your organizational needs. 

Content Development

Our custom learning team can work with you to bring your vision to life. We’ll guide you every step of the way to creating amazing and engaging training content that will generate extraordinary eLearning experiences for your team. 

Whether you need content built from scratch or just a little help with graphic or instructional design, our team can make your course content more effective so you can deliver on your desired training KPIs.

  • Instructional design: Our team of instructional designers will collaborate with you to create learning experiences that enable learners to understand, apply, and leverage training toward strengthening their existing skills or adding new ones. We use science-based adult learning and motivational principles to ensure that learners will understand standard processes or be able to apply complex theories in their day-to-day work. We’ll organize your shoebox of information into comprehensive courses,  interview your subject matter experts to turn their knowledge into effective training content, create quizzes or interactive activities, and design the best approach to assess learners’ progress, check their understanding, and help them learn. 
  • Graphic design:  Our eLearning designers understand the details that go into beautiful and effective courses and use specialty software to bring your courses to life. In addition to creating visually appealing courses, our designers will ensure that your brand is consistently reflected throughout your training. Consistent branding not only provides a sense of unity that makes courses feel polished and trustworthy, but it also forms emotional connections with your audience. 
  • Multimedia design: Our design experts can craft videos, audio, narration, simulations, games, and other visuals. By including different elements in your course,  you can provide a multi-sensory approach that caters to all learners and preferences. 

eCommerce Solutions

Our eCommerce service is a valuable resource that can provide guidance and expertise on operating an online retail space for your courses. Beyond working with you to define your requirements, our Implementation Consultants can help with customization projects such as configuring Shopify, configuring your payment service, or helping you integrate eCommerce with your LMS.  We can even help with custom key management and registration forms! Our strategic advice and solutions can help you make informed decisions, overcome challenges, and achieve sustainable growth in a competitive eCommerce landscape. 

Data Analysis and Power BI Reporting

Our business analysts can configure a data feed from SmarterU and create comprehensive, custom reports in Power BI to give you a view of the most relevant information for your organization. Powerful reports let you track KPIs more easily and share the data with stakeholders in an easy-to-digest, visual format. Custom reports provide clarity to discover patterns, trends, and relationships that help you make informed business decisions.

Custom Development Work

Our Special Projects team can help you seamlessly transition to SmarterU and integrate it into your existing ecosystem. Here are just a few examples:

  • User sync integration: Ensure that user information is consistent across all your applications. Our team can streamline the process so that when users are created, updated, and deactivated in one place – such as your HRIS system – changes are automatically reflected in SmarterU.
  • Historical data migration: Our team can plan and execute the migration of data such as course enrollments, training status, and other historical data from your existing LMS to SmarterU.
  • Data integrations: Our team can connect SmarterU to another software platform so that you can enjoy automatic data transfers. Whether it’s a CRM, HRIS, ERP, or something else, we’ll facilitate regular data syncs to keep your information consistent across platforms. 
  • Registration pages: Empower your users to create their own accounts. Our team can create self-registration web forms to save you time and allow your users to access your content faster. 
  • Key Management Solutions: Our team can develop a system to integrate SmarterU LMS with your eCommerce solution to allow for the management of bulk purchases and automated course enrollments. We can also develop a key management system that allows you to send your learners a key that enables them to register and self-enroll in courses.

Responsive Success Desk

Our friendly and knowledgeable Success Desk® will do everything they can to bring you fast solutions and advice on making your eLearning dreams a reality. All of our clients benefit from our included standard LMS support, but Premium Support options are also available. With Premium Support, you can enjoy even faster response times, extended support hours, and 24/7 emergency support.

Need end-user support? For an added fee, our team can expand support to your eCommerce customers, learners, instructors, and more. 

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