Publishing a SCORM Course from Articulate Rise
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Publishing a SCORM Course from Articulate Rise

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To publish a SCORM course from Articulate Rise:

  1. From your Rise 360 dashboard, open the course.
  2. Click Export.

Step 01 - Export 20220429

  1. From the Export Type list, select LMS.

Step 02 - Export Type 20220421

  1. From the LMS list, select xAPI.

Step 03 - LMS 20220429

  1. Select a tracking option:
  • Track Using Course Completion - Select the percentage of the course a learner must finish (e.g., 100%) to mark the course as completed. 
  • Track Using Quiz Result - Select this option if you want to track a score in your LMS. If your Rise course contains multiple quizzes, select a quiz from the list.
  • Track Using Storyline Block - Select this option if you want the course to be marked as completed based on the learner viewing a Storyline block. If your Rise course contains multiple Storyline blocks, select a block from the list. 

Step 04 - Tracking 20220429

  1. To allow learners to return to the LMS from within the course, enable the Exit Course Link toggle.

Step 05 - Exit Course Link 20220421

  1. Click Export again to generate the package. 

Step 06 - Export 20220429

If there are any errors in your course, such as a blank lesson, Rise 360 will ask if you want to edit the course or continue with the export.

  1. Click Back to Course. This allows you to continue working while Rise generates your ZIP file. 

Step 07 - Back to Course 20220421

When the ZIP file is ready, you'll receive an email notification with a download link. 

  1. Click the download link that's in the notification email.
  2. From the web page that opens, click Download Course, then navigate to the location where you want to save the file and click Save.
  3. Upload the ZIP file to your SCORM course in SmarterU. 

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