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Activities are tasks that enable you to engage the learner.

The grid below summarizes the types of activities that are available. 

Activity TypeDescription

Fill-in-the-blank activities require the learner to select the correct answer from two possible options.

FlashcardsFlashcards display a question to the learner. After the learner has a chance to consider their answer, they "flip" the flashcard to reveal the answer. 
GameshowWith gameshow activities learners attempt to score the required number of points needed to win. 

All labeling activities include an image that is the focus of the task. You can set up labeling activities to have two parts: exploratory and labeling. 

The exploratory part of a labeling activity enables learners to click on hotspots on an image to view its associated description. 

The labeling part of a labeling activity is optional and is similar to a matching activity in that it requires learners to drag labels to the correct targets on the image. 

MatchingMatching activities require learners to drag objects from one column to their matching objects in another column. 
MultiChoiceMultiChoice activities require the learner to select all the correct answers from a list of options.

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