Adding a Custom Menu
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Adding a Custom Menu

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A Custom Menu page type displays a link in the learner interface's menu.

Learner UI - Custom Menu 20230104

The steps below add a custom menu item to a dashboard set in the learner interface. You can also add a custom menu item to the admin interface.

To add a custom menu item to a dashboard set:

  1. Add a page to one of your categories. 
  2. From the Add/Edit Category Page workscreen: 
    1. Expand the Main Settings accordion.
    2. From the Type list, select Custom Menu.
    3. Expand the Labels accordion.
    4. In the Text field, enter the text that you'd like displayed for the link in the menu.
    Add Edit Category Page - Custom Menu - Label 20230104
    1. Expand the Configuration accordion.
    2. In the URL field, enter the URL that you would like the custom menu item to go to. 
    3. Click Save.
The above settings are what is required to display a custom menu item. Refer to Page: Configuration for Custom Menu Pages for details on the other available configuration settings.

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