Quiz: Graders
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Quiz: Graders

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Long answer quiz questions cannot be automatically graded by SmarterU and must be reviewed and graded manually. The users who can grade long answer quiz questions are specified in the Graders accordion of the Quiz workscreen. 


If you don't see the settings for the task, be sure the  button at the top of the workscreen is enabled. Depending on your screen size, the settings will display either on the right or at the bottom of the workscreen.


Be sure to click Save after changing these settings.

Users Who Have LAQM on the Enrollment Group

If checked, any user with the LAQM group permission for the enrollment group will be able to grade the quiz's long answer questions.

Select Specific Users

This option is only available to administrators. Non-admin users will be able to view that this setting has been enabled and the potential graders who have been selected, but will be unable to make any changes.  

If checked, you can select the account users who are allowed to grade the quiz

Adding Quiz Graders

To select graders for the quiz:

  1. From the Graders accordion of the Quiz workscreen, ensure the Select Specific Users setting is checked.
  2. Click Graders.

Add Graders

An All Users tab displays a grid of users.

All Users Tab

  1. From the All Users tab, click the Icon  Description automatically generated beside the users you would like to add as a potential grader for the quiz.
  2. Click Save.

The selected users display in the Current Graders tab.

Removing Quiz Graders

To remove a grader from a quiz:

  1. From the Graders accordion of the Quiz workscreen, click the  beside the graders you want to remove from the quiz.
  2. Click Save.

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