Pausing the Unenrollments Queue
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Pausing the Unenrollments Queue

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Pausing the unenrollments queue temporarily stops all pending unenrollments from being processed. Pausing the queue is useful when you want to remove an unenrollment from the queue, or when you want to view the unenrollments included in a batch unenroll

After you've viewed the unenrollment queue and/or removed unrollments from the queue, be sure to restart the queue so that the system can continue processing unenrollments. 

Who Has Access

Administrators or owners can pause the unenrollments queue. 

Pausing the Unenrollment Queue

To pause the unenrollments queue:

  1. From the Admin menu, select User Admin.
  2. Select Enrollments.
  3. Click Unenrollments.
  4. Click Pause Queue

Pause Queue

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