Account: Proctoring Services
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Account: Proctoring Services

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This feature is not enabled by default. If you're interested in using this feature, contact our Success Desk to have it enabled.

SmarterU enables you to integrate with video proctoring services such as Integrity Advocate. After adding a proctoring service to your account, you can: 

After you've added your proctoring service, you'll be able to access its administrative tools from the Proctoring Services workscreen

When you edit your account's settings, the Proctoring Services accordion of the Account Profile workscreen includes the following settings.

Adding a Proctoring Service

To add a proctoring service to your account:

  1. Edit your account settings
  2. Expand the Proctoring Services accordion.
  3. Click Service. The workscreen to add a new proctoring service displays. 

  1. Specify the proctoring service's settings.
  2. Click Save.



Select the proctoring service from the list.


Indicates the status of the proctoring service:

  • Active - Active proctoring services are available for online courses.
  • Inactive - Inactive proctoring services are not available for online courses.


The name of the proctoring service.


A description of the proctoring service.

Application ID

The ID of your proctoring service.


The API key of your proctoring service.

Learner Notification Fallback Email

If the video proctoring fails, an email will be sent to the email address specified for the user. However, if the user's emails are sent to multiple email addresses, the email detailing the failed video proctoring will be sent to this address instead. This is the case when a user's emails are sent to their supervisor and they have multiple supervisors.

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