Editing Your User Profile
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Editing Your User Profile

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To edit your user profile:

  1. In the upper, right of the browser window, click the arrow beside your name.
  2. Click Profile

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Your contact card and user information displays.

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  1. Click Edit. The User Profile workscreen displays.

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  1. Edit your login information, contact information, or custom fields as needed.
  2. Click Save.

Login Information

Primary Email

Your primary email address.

Given Name(s)

Your first name.


Your surname.


Your password for accessing SmarterU. This password is case-sensitive. 

Your password will need to comply with the account's password requirements

Verify Password

Re-enter your password if you have changed it.


Your primary language.


The timezone in which you are located.

If you change your timezone, you will need to log out and log back in for the change to take effect.


To upload a photo of yourself:

  1. Click Upload Photo.
  2. Navigate to the location of the image file.
  3. Select the image file.
  4. Click Open.

Hover over the file name to view the image.

Contact Information

Phone (primary)

A phone number where you can be reached.


Your fax number.

Phone (alternate)

Your alternate phone number.


The URL for your website.

Phone (mobile)

Your mobile phone number.

Address Line 1

The first line of your street address.

Address Line 2

The second line of your street address.


Select the country of your address from the list. If your country is not listed, select Other from the list and enter your country name in the field. 


Select the region of the your address from the list. If the region is not listed, enter the region in the field.


The city of your address.

Postal/Zip Code

The postal/zip code of your address.

Custom Fields

The contents of the Custom Fields section will vary based on what fields are defined for your account.

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