Knowledge Base FAQs
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Knowledge Base FAQs

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What's the size of a video after it's optimized with a tool such as Prism?

Videos that are optimized with a tool such as Prism are typically about 3-5Mb per minute of video.

To link to a specific file in your knowledge base:

  1. Ensure that the file's External Availability setting is set to Secure or Public.
  2. View the file.
  3. Right-click .

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  1. Select the option to copy the file's address or link. 
  • Chrome: Copy Link Address
  • Edge: Copy Link
  • Firefox: Copy Link Location
  • Safari: Copy Link

You may now share the copied link.

My learners can't see a knowledge base and its contents. How do I fix this?

In order for users to see a knowledge base in the learner interface, you must add a Knowledge Base type page to the user's dashboard set. When adding the page, be sure to select the name of the knowledge base in the Configuration accordion.

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Users will also need to have permission to view the articles and files in the knowledge base folder.

How do I view inactive articles, files, or folders?

By default, the dashboards display active objects. To view inactive objects, click  and select Inactive.

Inactive objects display in red.

You can also refer to Viewing Articles and Files.

How do I associate tags with an article template, article, or file?

You can add tags to an article template, article, or file from either the Associations accordion of the Add/Edit Tag workscreen, or from the Tags accordion on the following workscreens:

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