Learner Interface: Viewing Course Tasks
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Learner Interface: Viewing Course Tasks

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Article Summary

The contents of an online course are called tasks. The tasks in a course are organized into chapters. 

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The icon displayed beside the task on the course details page indicates its type. 

Task Type



Content Slide




Clicking the Ícone  Descrição gerada automaticamente beside a task from the course details page displays the task.

Task Layout

The course name displays in the upper left. Below the course name are the names of the chapter and task.

In the center are several controls for navigating through the content of the course. The Prev button displays the previous task; the Next button displays the next task. The Notes button located between the Prev and Next buttons displays the Learner Notes field where you can enter notes about the task.

On the right side of the page is an Exit button which displays the page from which the course was launched. 

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