Online Course: Text-to-Speech Narration
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Online Course: Text-to-Speech Narration

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The text-to-speech narration settings control the automated narration for the course's content slide tasks. 

These online course settings are located in the Text-to-Speech Narration accordion of the Course Information workscreen which displays when you add or edit a course.

Text to Speech

This section is only displayed if the account's Enable Text-to-Speech setting is checked. The settings specified are used throughout the entire course.


Be sure to click Save after changing these settings.


Select the voice you would like to use for narration.


Unless it is absolutely necessary, we do not recommend applying an effect. If you choose to select an effect, only one effect can be used for the entire course.

To apply an effect to the voice, select the effect from the list. The available options are:

  • None - no effect is applied to the selected voice
  • Duration - how fast/slow the text is spoken
  • Pitch - how high/low the voice sounds
  • Speed - similar to duration, it affects how fast/slow the text is spoken
  • Robotic - causes an echo-y effect
  • Time - depends on the selected Effect Level

Effect Level

This setting is only available if you've selected an effect other than None. Select the effect level from the list.

EffectEffect Level


Ranges from:

  • 3: causes the speech to be slower
  • -3: causes speech to be faster


Ranges from:

  • 3: causes voice to be higher
  • -3: causes voice to be deeper


Ranges from:

  • 3: causes the speech to be faster
  • -3: causes the speech to be slower


Bullhorn is the only option.


Options include:

  • Echo: causes an echo in the speech
  • Reverb: causes a lingering sound similar to a loudspeaker
  • Flanger: causes a bouncy sound
  • Phase: causes a crackly, almost robotic, sound


Listen to the selected voice and effect.

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