Report FAQs
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Report FAQs

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General Report FAQs

How can I delete a report?

SmarterU does not allow you to delete reports or any other records (e.g., users, courses, etc...) from the system. You can prevent a custom Enrollment Report or custom Learning Plan report from displaying in the Reports Dashboard by default by setting the report's status to Inactive.  

How do I view inactive reports?

By default, the dashboards display active objects. To view inactive objects, click  and select Inactive.

Inactive objects display in red.

Enrollment Report FAQs

How do I create a custom Enrollment Report?

You can create a custom Enrollment Report from the Reports Dashboard by clicking Enrollments.

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How do I add filters to my Enrollment Report?

To add filters to your Enrollment Report, expand the Filters section of your report and add your filter criteria.

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How do I add columns to my Enrollment Report?

To add columns to your Enrollment Report, expand the Columns section of your report and select the columns.

Why does nothing seem to happen when I export my Enrollment Report?

When you export your Enrollment Report, SmarterU queues the export process and sends you an email to download the export file when the file is ready.

In some situations, a new browser tab will open while your file downloads.  The browser tab may appear empty, so please look at the bottom of the browser footer for the downloaded file.

How can I identify course enrollments that require a learner's response to an internal form?

Learners enrolled in an online or SCORM courses that use an internal form as its post-course evaluation will need to submit the evaluation in order for the course to be considered Completed. To identify the course enrollments that are awaiting a learner's response to a post-course evaluation:

  1. Add a custom Enrollment Report
  2. Add a filter on the Post-Course Evaluation Status column and select Pending.

Filter by Post Course Eval Status - Pending 20221116(1)

You can customize the columns included in the report to include the Form, Form Status, Form Submitted Date, and Progress Status columns.
  1. Click Run Report.

Proctor Report FAQs

Why can’t I see my users’ proctor codes?

If you're unable to see your users' proctor codes, you should:

If both of the above settings are checked, consider when the user was enrolled in the course as proctor codes are generated upon enrollment. If the user was enrolled prior to enabling the course's and quiz's Enable Proctoring setting, you will need to unenroll the user from the course and re-enroll them in order for the proctor code to be generated. 

Quiz Analysis Report FAQs

Who can access the Quiz Analysis Report?

Users with Admin access level, Group Managers to which the course has been assigned, and Course Managers have access to the Quiz Analysis Report.

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