System Email Templates: Account Emails
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System Email Templates: Account Emails

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Account Invitation

Email Subject

You have been invited to an online learning account


The account invitation email is sent to a user after their SmarterU account is created and the Send Account Invitation Email setting on the User Profile workscreen is checked. If the Email User Their Password setting is checked, the user's password will be included in the initial account invitation email.

The Account Invitation email is also used by the user importer


Account Invitation - HTML 20231024

Changing the Template

Administrators and owners can change the default template for the account by doing one of the following:

To change the email template used for a specific user's original account invitation:

  1. Check the Send Account Invitation Email checkbox on the User Profile workscreen.
  1. Check the Change Assigned Email Template checkbox.
  2. Select the template from the list.
  3. Click Save.
Changing the account invitation email template for a user only affects the original account invitation. Re-sending the account invitation to the user will use the account's default template.

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