Converting PowerPoint
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Converting PowerPoint

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There are several options for converting your PowerPoint presentations to SmarterU. These include:

Refer to the grid below to compare the options.


Add Slides as Online Course Tasks

Convert to SCORM with SmarterU

Convert to SCORM with iSpring

Can add quizzes to course


Can add other online course tasks



Resulting SmarterU course type




Adding Slides as Online Course Tasks

One option for migrating your PowerPoint presentation to SmarterU is to extract the content from your presentation and add it to an online course in SmarterU. This option enables you to add other online course tasks such as PDFs, activities, and quizzes to the course. 

  1. Save the PowerPoint slides as images
  2. If your PowerPoint presentation contains audio or speaker notes that you want to reuse, extract the content.
The .ZIP folder will contain a PPT subfolder. Audio files will be saved to the Media subfolder; speaker notes will be saved to the NotesSlides subfolder.
  1. Add an online course.
  2. Edit the online course's content. The Course Builder Dashboard displays. 
  3. For each PowerPoint slide you want to include in the online course:
    1. Add a content slide.
    2. Use the WYSIWYG editor to insert the image of the PowerPoint slide. 
    3. You can either add audio or include narration for the slide. To include a slide's audio, add the audio to the content slide. To use the slide's speaker notes as the content slide's narration, copy and paste the speaker notes to the Narration field
    4. Click Save.

After adding your PowerPoint slides, you can add additional tasks to the online course.

Saving PowerPoint Slides as Images

To save the slides in a PowerPoint presentation as image files:

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation.
  2. From the File menu, select Save As
  3. From the list of available file formats, select GIF, JPG, or PNG.
  4. Click Save. A message displays asking which slides you want to export. 
  5. Click All Slides. A message displays indicating the folder to which the image files have been saved.  

Converting to SCORM with SmarterU

You can use SmarterU's built-in converter to convert your PowerPoint file to a SCORM course. 

This option does NOT allow you to add additional content, including quizzes, to your course. If you need to add quizzes to your course, we recommend that you use one of the other two options.

Converting to SCORM with iSpring

iSpring enables you to convert your PowerPoint file to a SCORM course. After the conversion, you can upload the resulting SCORM course to SmarterU. Refer to Publishing a SCORM Course from iSpring for more details.

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