Editing a Widget's Page
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Editing a Widget's Page

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We recommend using the Custom Page Builder in Chrome. Be sure to display the browser in full screen mode and set its zoom level to 100%.
When you edit a page — either from the Add/Edit Cateogry workscreen, or from the Custom Page Builder — learners who are assigned the dashboard set will see the changes that you've made immediately. Refer to Impact of Editing a Dashboard Set's Page for details.

To edit a widget's page from the Custom Page Builder:

  1. Click the  that's displayed in the widget.


The Widget Settings workscreen displays on the right side of the Custom Page Builder.

  1. From the Widget Settings workscreen, click .

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The Add/Edit Category Page workscreen displays.

Add Edit Category

  1. Edit the page's settings as needed. Information about the various accordions can be found on the pages below:
  1. Click the  in the Add/Edit Category Page workscreen.
  2. Click Save.

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