Rendering Video from Pinnacle Studio Pro
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Rendering Video from Pinnacle Studio Pro

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To render video from Pinnacle Studio Pro:

  1. Click the Export button located at the top of the page.

  1. Ensure that the Export Type is File.
  2. From the Settings section:
    1. Select MPEG-4 from the Type list.
    2. Select Custom from the Preset list. Selecting Custom should cause the Advanced Settings window to display. If the Advanced Setting window does not display automatically, click Advanced.

  1. From the Advanced Settings window:
    1. From the Encoding list, select H264.
    2. Click Apply.

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  1. Set the Destination to the desired folder.
  2. To keep the exported file name the same as the working file name, ensure that Autonaming is selected.
  3. Click Start Export.

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