SSO: Okta
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SSO: Okta

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Okta is a cloud-based Identity Management Service that can hold the online identity of all your SmarterU users (e.g,. employees, partners, or customers). Using a process called Single Sign-On (SSO), Okta enables your users to quickly log into numerous different applications across the internet without having to enter any credentials.

SmarterU has created the SSO for Okta to use with SmarterU. Learners from Okta will never have to worry about their SmarterU credentials and will simply click on the SmarterU application in their Okta account to access their SmarterU courses.

You may also enable our SAML Just-in-time User Creation. This feature, which works with Okta, will automatically create user accounts if they don’t already exist. 

Setting Up Okta for SmarterU

To set up Okta for SmarterU:

  1. From Okta, click Admin.

Okta 01 - Admin Button 20220912

The Getting Started page displays. 

  1. From the Use Single Sign On section, click Add App

Okta 02 - Add App Button 20220912

  1. Search for SmarterU.
  2. Click SmarterU.

Okta 03 - Search for SmarterU 20220912

  1. Click Add Integration.

Okta 04 - Add Integration Button 20220912

  1. Enter your account ID in the Account ID field. 
To determine your account ID, log into your SmarterU account. Your account ID displays in the URL. 

Okta 05 - Account ID 20220912

  1. Click Done.
  2. Click View SAML Setup Instructions.

Okta 06 - View SAML Instructions 20220912

The How to Configure SAML 2.0 for SmarterU page displays. 

  1. Copy the IDP metadata to your SmarterU SAML 2.0 settings
  2. Copy the Login URL/Signon URL and paste it into your Login URL setting. This setting is located in the External Authorization accordion of the Account Profile workscreen.

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