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Home Groups

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Every SmarterU user is assigned one, and only one, home group. A home group provides greater control over who is able to edit user accounts. The simple rule is this – a user can only be edited by another user who has edit user permissions (GM, MGU) for that user’s home group.

To illustrate suppose Tom has the MGU permission for the Human Resources and Retail groups. Betty's home group is the Retail group. Because Tom has the permission to edit users in the Retail group, Tom will be able to edit Betty's account.

John belongs to the Distribution and Retail groups and has the Retail group as his home group. Because Frank has permission to edit user accounts in the Retail group, Frank will be also able to edit John's account.

Tracy belongs to the Manufacturing and Retail groups. However, her home group is the Manufacturing group. Because, Frank does not have permission to edit users in the Manufacturing group, Frank will not be able to edit Tracy's account. Frank also won't be able to edit the user accounts of anyone whose home is group is something other than Human Resources or Retail.

Understanding Home Group Reporting

In addition to providing greater control over who is able to edit user accounts, home groups also provide a way to control users reporting access. One of the account settings related to home groups is the Enable Home Group Reporting setting

This setting allows you to control whether users with reporting permission are able to view a learner's course enrollment information if they have permission on a learner's group. In addition to course enrollments within the home group, reports will also include enrollments that occurred outside of the home group. Let's take a look at a few examples.

For several years, Larry's home group has been the Manufacturing group where he's taken numerous courses. Larry is promoted and his home group is changed to the Leadership group. 

Sue is Larry's new supervisor and her home group is also the Leadership group. With the Enable Home Group Reporting setting enabled, Sue is able to view Larry's course enrollments from both the Manufacturing group and the Leadership group. 

Had the setting been disabled, Sue would only be able to report on Larry's enrollments in the Leadership group.

Being a member of senior leadership, Sue takes high-level courses in the Leadership group and other groups to which she's assigned such as Finance, HR, and Marketing. 

Sue asks Ivan, an intern in the Marketing group, to create an introductory marketing course. Ivan has permission to create courses and report on the Marketing group. Because of his permissions, Ivan will be able to view Sue's enrollments within the Marketing group. However, Ivan NOT be able to view Sue's enrollments in other groups.

The only way Ivan would be able to report on Sue's enrollments in other groups is if he were granted reporting permission on Sue's home group (i.e., the Leadership group). 

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