KB Management Dashboard
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KB Management Dashboard

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The KB Management Dashboard enables you to view and manage knowledge bases in your account and their associated permissions.

KB Management Dashboard

Who Has Access

Administrators and owners have access to the KB Management Dashboard.

Viewing the KB Management Dashboard

To view the KB Management Dashboard:

  1. From the Admin menu, select Knowledge Base.
  2. Select KB Management.

KB Management Menu

By default, the Knowledge Bases (by name) list option is selected. 

The right pane of the KB Management Dashboard displays your account's knowledge bases in a grid

KB Management

Refer to Dashboards for more information on refreshing and filtering the KB Management Dashboard.

If your account allows for multiple knowledge bases, you may add additional knowledge bases from the KB Management Dashboard.

The ability to have multiple knowledge bases is a special component of SmarterU that is not included with the basic system. Please contact our Success Desk to learn how you can upgrade your account to multiple knowledge bases. 

Columns in the Grid

The columns in the grid are described below.




The name of the knowledge base.


The status of the knowledge base (i.e. Active, Inactive).


The number of users who have been granted view or edit permission to the knowledge base.

This number does not include users who belong to a group or team that was granted permission to the knowledge base.


The number of articles and files in the knowledge base. 


The number of folders in the knowledge base. 


The number of article templates in the knowledge base.

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