Dashboard Sets
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Dashboard Sets

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A dashboard set is a named configuration that controls what’s displayed on the learner-side interface — the Learner Dashboard. Each dashboard set contains one or more categories (i.e., menus) that contain pages (i.e., screens with information). 

Diagram Dashboard Set Categories and Pages 20220621

In the example below, the dashboard set has three categories:

  • My Academy
  • Full Course Catalog
  • Leaderboards

Learner UI - Categories 20220621

Within the My Academy category, there are several pages: 

  • My ToDo List
  • My Enrolled Courses
  • My Learning Plans
  • My Waiting Lists
  • My Timeline
  • My Knowledge Base
  • Learner Summary
  • Fina Shoes Intranet
  • Action Status
  • Ext Course Submission
  • External Courses

Learner UI - Pages 20220621

Users who are assigned the dashboard set and don't have access to the admin interface will land on the first page in the first category after they log in.

SmarterU includes a default dashboard set. However, you can create custom dashboard sets and assign them to users in selected home groups. A custom dashboard set is useful in situations where you want to provide users in a group access to content that other users might not need. For example, you may want to include a course catalog for groups that are allowed to self-enroll in training. 

Our Implementing a Dashboard Set page provides steps on how to plan and create dashboard sets in your account. To see sample dashboard sets and how they were created, refer to our Learner Dashboard Examples page. 

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