Integrating Webinars
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Integrating Webinars

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Webinars that you have available in GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, and WebEx can be easily integrated with SmarterU. This integration enables you to manage the enrollment process, track the webinar's capacity and learners' progress, and provide learners access to the webinar all from SmarterU's interface.  

We recommend using GoToWebinar, GoToTraining, or WebEx instead of GoToMeeting. Refer to the Webinar Providers Comparison page for a comparison of each provider's features.

Integrating Webinars with SmarterU

You must have an account for the webinar provider.

To integrate webinars with your SmarterU course:

  1. Add your webinar provider(s) to your account. This provides SmarterU with the connection it needs to communicate with the webinar provider. 
  2. If you have not yet added the course, add an instructor-led course
  3. Add a session to the course. A few notes about adding the session:


You may now enroll learners in the webinar, just like you would enroll them in other sessions. The only difference when enrolling learners in a webinar is that the webinar registration request goes into a queue for processing. You can check the status of a webinar registration by looking at the Webinar Registration page.

Specifying the Webinar's Host

Who will be able to access the webinar as a host varies by webinar provider

Webinar Provider

Who Can Access as Host


SmarterU users:

  • Who are assigned as internal instructors for the session
  • Whose Access Level setting is Admin or Owner
  • With the GM group permission
  • With the ILTI group permission
We recommend using GoToWebinar or GoToTraining instead of GoToMeeting.


SmarterU users who are assigned as internal instructors for the session.


The GoToTraining account owner who must also be assigned as an internal instructor for the session.


You must add each user who will be an instructor or managing sessions as a WebEx user. 

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