Teams Dashboard
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Teams Dashboard

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The Teams Dashboard enables you to view teams.

Depending on your permissions, you may also do the following from the Teams Dashboard:

The buttons available at the top of the Teams Dashboard will depend on the account and group permissions that you have.

Who Has Access

The following users have access to the Teams Dashboard:

Viewing the Teams Dashboard

To view the Teams Dashboard:

  1. From the Admin menu, select User Admin.
  2. Select Teams.

The Teams Dashboard displays. By default, the Teams (by Name) list option is selected. 

The right pane displays a grid that includes the number of users in each team and a summary of enrollments

Refer to Dashboards for more information on refreshing and filtering the Teams Dashboard.

Columns in the Grid

The columns in the grid are described below.




The team's status (i.e., Active, Inactive). 


The name of the team.


The number of users associated with the team. You may click this number to display a pre-filtered Enrollment Report for the selected team.


A summary of the enrollments for the team's users. Click any of these numbers to display a pre-filtered Enrollment Report for the selected team and enrollment status.


summary of certifications. Click on any of these numbers to display the Certifications Dashboard.

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