Unenrolling Users from Courses
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Unenrolling Users from Courses

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Who Has Access

The following users can unenroll users from a course from the Users Dashboard:

Unenrolling Users from the Users Dashboard

  • If you are unenrolling yourself from a course, you may do so from the Learner Interface. You may also use the Enrollment Report to unenroll other users from courses.
  • You cannot unenroll users from courses that they have already completed.

To unenroll a user from a course from the Users Dashboard:

  1. From the Admin menu, select User Admin.
  2. Select Users. The Users Dashboard displays.
  3. View the details of the user you would like to unenroll from a course.
  4. Expand the Course Enrollments accordion.
  5. Click the  beside the course you would like to unenroll the user from.


A confirmation message displays.

  1. Click OK to unenroll the user from the course.

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