Viewing a Group's Details
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Viewing a Group's Details

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To view a group's details:

  1. From the Admin menu, select Account Admin.
  2. Select Groups. The Groups Dashboard displays. 
  3. Click the name of the group. The group's information displays in a new tab.

The following information displays at the top of the page.

Date Created

The date the group was added to SmarterU.

Last Modified

The most recent date the group was edited.


The number of users assigned to the group.

Learning Plans

The number of learning plans assigned to the group.


The number of courses assigned to the group.


The number of subscriptions assigned to the group.

Send Course Completion Notifications To

The email addresses to which the following emails will be sent if they are enabled:

Login Portal Used in Emails

The URL included in system-generated emails sent to users who have this group as their home group. 

Dashboard Set

The dashboard set assigned to users who have this group as their home group. 


The tags and values associated with the group. The associated tags and values display in the format <Tag>:<Value>.

A summary of enrollments and summary of certifications also displays.

Information about the various accordions can be found on the pages below:

Home Group Message

The Home Group Message accordion provides a preview of the message that's displayed to users who have the group as their home group

The group's home message is specified in the Home Group Message accordion of the Add/Edit Group workscreen.

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