Courses Dashboard
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Courses Dashboard

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The Courses Dashboard enables you to view and access information about online, instructor-led, and SCORM courses.

External courses are NOT displayed or managed in the Courses Dashboard.

Who Has Access

The following users have access to the Courses Dashboard:

The courses displayed in the Courses Dashboard will depend on what groups you've been granted permissions to, or what courses you are a course manager for.

Viewing the Courses Dashboard

To view the Courses Dashboard:

  1. From the Admin menu, select Course Admin.
  2. Select Courses.

By default, the Courses (by Name) list option is selected to display courses to which you have permission.

Beside each course name is an icon that indicates the course type.

Course TypeIcon

By default, the right pane displays the Dashboard tab, indicated by the  icon in the tab. The Dashboard tab displays the total number of courses, the total number of instructors, and the total number of learners in all groups and/or courses that you have permission to.

Courses Dashboard

The right pane displays all courses (online, instructor-led, and SCORM) in a grid.

Refer to Dashboards for more information on refreshing and filtering the Courses Dashboard. For information on viewing inactive or archived courses, refer to Viewing Courses.

Columns in the Grid

The columns of the Courses Dashboard's grid are described below.

CourseThe name of the course
StatusThe status of the course (i.e., Active, Inactive).
GroupsThe number of groups to which the course has been assigned
CreatedThe date that the course was added.
EnrollmentsThe number of enrollments by status

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