SCORM Package Considerations
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SCORM Package Considerations

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File Specifications

The maximum size for SCORM packages is 350MB. Refer to our SmarterU File Uploads article for additional details.

Supported Versions

SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model. SCORM is a standard for creating eLearning that works with most learning management systems (LMSs) and microlearning platforms. It's become the industry standard for interoperability. 

The term SCORM is used broadly to refer to content that supports one of the iterations of this standard, such as SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. These iterations standardize computer-based learning to some extent and make it possible to track course completions, amount of time spent in a course, and quiz scores. 

The following versions are supported.

  • SCORM 1.1
  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004
  • AICC - AICC is basically SCORM 1.2. However, instead of storing content within the file that's uploaded to the LMS, the AICC file is an empty shell with instructions on where the files are stored. Because content only resides on servers, this makes AICC a popular format for course libraries. When a learner launches an AICC file from an LMS, the experience is the same as a SCORM file except that the content comes from the course provider. This gives the course provider greater control over content distribution. 
  • xAPI (recommended) - xAPI - also referred to as TinCan - is a modern and flexible standard designed to replace SCORM. xAPI makes it possible to collect data from learning activities that take place outside of an LMS using any xAPI-compatible device. This provides for greater data security, allows for more robust data collection (including offline), and allows for data collection from a broader variety of learning formats. 

Uploading PowerPoint

You may upload a PowerPoint file (i.e., .ppt and .pptx) for conversion into a SCORM course. The PowerPoint file should only contain native elements (e.g., slides, narrations, animations, and transitions). Any content from a third-party system such as iSpring that is added to your PowerPoint will not be converted.

If you upload a PowerPoint file to a new course, the course status will be set to Archived until the file conversion is complete. This is done to prevent the course from being edited and from users being enrolled in the course. If you upload a PowerPoint file to an existing course, the status is unchanged and the previous SCORM package will be used for any enrollments until the conversion is complete.

Refer to PowerPoint to SCORM Converter FAQs for more details. 

Best Practices for Publishing

Refer to the following help pages for information on publishing your SCORM course:

The iSpring and Articulate Presenter mobile apps do NOT properly send course information back to any LMS, including SmarterU. When exporting a SCORM course, you should NOT select the mobile app output option.  

Testing and QA

Before enrolling learners in your SCORM or xAPI course, you'll want to ensure that it's functioning as expected. 

After uploading your course, you'll want to test it from SmarterU.

You should test any course that you purchased, moved from another LMS, or created using a third-party tool. The list below are suggested test cases and not an exhaustive list. In addition to the tests below, we recommend testing your course with a pilot group of learners.

At a minimum, your testing should include the following:

  • Review each slide in your course to ensure that all buttons and interactions work as expected.
  • If you want to allow learners to exit the course and resume it at a later time, be sure that you can exit the course and return to where you left off.
  • Be sure that you’re able to complete the course correctly and that your enrollment is marked as completed in SmarterU. 
  • If the course is graded, ensure the course grade and pass/fail status are correctly reflected in SmarterU.
You can view a learner's course grade and pass/fail status by doing any of the following:
  • If the course contains a quiz, ensure that both a failing and passing quiz grade are correctly reflected in SmarterU.
  • If the course is graded using a quiz, ensure the correct quiz grade is used for the final grade. 
  • Be sure to test your course using the browsers, browser add-ons, and operating systems most often used by your learners.
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