Online Course: Notifications
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Online Course: Notifications

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The course's notification settings control who is emailed when certain events occur. For example, who is notified when a user provides feedback on a course task.  

An online course's notifications settings are located in the Notifications accordion of the Course Information workscreen which displays when you add or edit a course.



Be sure to click Save after changing these settings.

Send Course Feedback Notification

If checked, the Task Feedback email will be sent to the email addresses specified in the Feedback Email setting when a learner provides feedback. By default, the account's selected Task Feedback email template will be selected. 

To change the selected email template, check the Change Assigned Email Template checkbox and select the email template from the list. Click the  to preview the selected email template.

Users who have their Allow Feedback setting checked can provide feedback on any course task. You may control the default Allow Feedback setting for new users at the account level.

Feedback Email

This setting is only applicable when the Send Course Feedback Notification checkbox is checked. Enter the email address of the person(s) who should be notified when a learner provides feedback. 

CC Supervisors on Learner Emails

Select the system emails that will CC the learner's supervisor.

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